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Test request (was: Re: Small strange problem)

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On Samstag, 4. Januar 2003 17:58, Michael Peddemors wrote:

Hi guys,

Michael's problem report is quite true :-) and the reason for that is the 
(sometimes quite confusing) packaging of libraries in kdelibs. Now, let me 
explain the background:

The *.install files in the debian dirs for arts, kdelibs and kdebase were 
quite messed up with *.so and *.la files and the accordign *.so.* files. Now. 
In KDE, there's a differenciation between libraries and libraries :-) so here 
it goes:

libraries: start their naming with libxyz and have version information, like 

dlopen'ed libraries: libs that can be loaded at run-time like plugins or 
kparts. Usually start with xyz.so. 

Both types come with a *.la file for loading. the *.so file comes accordingly, 
in the case of plugins or kparts, it's not a symlink but the library itself 
(means, they don't have version information). 

For the packaging that means that for libraries the *.la and *.so file need to 
go into the -dev package for development; for kparts and plugins the *.la 
file needs to go into the binary package, too together with the according 
*.so file (the lib in that case). With libkhtml, this is different, because 
it is a) a library with version information and b) also a kpart. That means, 
the version info needs to be there plus the *.so and *.la file. Michael hit 
this problem after I first moved all *.la files that belong to libraries with 
version info to the -dev package. So if you installed the kdelibs4-dev 
package, you were fine. Glad that he noticed; I rebuild the kdelibs packages 
and corrected this problem. According to David Faure this is the only library 
in kdelibs that has this specification, so if you update and have no -dev 
package installed, you should be fine.

However, I would like all of you who tested to please update and test again if 
this problem occurs to any other program that is using kparts, like kfind or 
whatever. If so, then I'll correct those problems incrementally. The new 
kdelibs version is uploaded and has the version info 
3.0.99+cvs20030104-0woody2. Please make sure that you have those versions 
installed; with no -dev package. If the -dev package is there, you won't 
notice any problem so this won't help finding out if there's still something 
int he -dev package that belongs to kdelibs4 :-)

Thank you for listening and your support for testing :-)


> Just ran a clean install of Debian on a machine, and used initially the
> ccheney kdebase/kdelibs, then added in Ralf's sources, and finished
> installing with `apt-get update;apt-get install kmail`
> Everything was working great, then decided to `apt-get update;apt-get
> install kcpuload` which also updated ...
> The following extra packages will be installed:
>   kdelibs-bin kdelibs-data kdelibs4
> The following NEW packages will be installed:
>   kcpuload
> 3 packages upgraded, 1 newly installed, 0 to remove and 30  not upgraded.
> Need to get 11.4MB of archives. After unpacking 340kB will be used.
> Do you want to continue? [Y/n] y
> Now I find Konqueror doens't run properly, with a strange message that the
> library files for libkhtml.la are not in the path..
> Looking into it..
> Did an update to kdebase as well, still same problems..
> mistress:/home/michael# apt-cache showpkg kdelibs
> Package: kdelibs
> Versions:
> 4:3.0.99+cvs20030104-0woody1(/var/lib/apt/lists/ktown.kde.org_%7enolden_kde
> 4:3.0.99+cvs20021220-1(/var/lib/apt/lists/people.debian.org_%7eccheney_kde-
> Reverse Depends:
> Dependencies:
> 4:3.0.99+cvs20030104-0woody1 - kdelibs4 (2 4:3.0.99+cvs20030104-0woody1)
> kdelibs-bin (2 4:3.0.99+cvs20030104-0woody1) kdelibs-data (2
> 4:3.0.99+cvs20030104-0woody1)
> 4:3.0.99+cvs20021220-1 - kdelibs4 (2 4:3.0.99+cvs20021220-1) kdelibs-bin (2
> 4:3.0.99+cvs20021220-1) kdelibs-data (2 4:3.0.99+cvs20021220-1)
> Provides:
> 4:3.0.99+cvs20030104-0woody1 -
> 4:3.0.99+cvs20021220-1 -
> Reverse Provides:
> Removed cheney from sources, and did an apt-get update again, and kdelibs
> was ready for another update..
> Still have the same problem.
> Complete apt-get upgrade, and still have same issue
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