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Re: apt-get update - kweather

Yes I agree Kweather is a toy.  I think the problem you are having
with it is the same as I described in an earlier post.  The Czech 
Republic page for Meteorological Station  Information Lookup has many 
sites but it seems that the one you chose is not operational.   

Kweather then passed your site address to kde and the system gets
unresponsive.  If you want to "play" with the toy, specify my 
weather station KSEA as the ICAO location code which is up correctly 
most of the time.  This is Seattle and it's raining right now. 

Kweather should be handling error conditions better! 

As far as getting happy from a software installation, I only wish 
that happiness was that easy! <grin>


On Saturday 04 January 2003 at 10:47 am, Ing. Vladimir M. Kerka wrote:

> So you are happy one. I tried Ralf's debs (which are great for me),
> the installation went well, but when I added it to kicker, it said
> that some  site had somwething missing (i do not remember it
> correctly) and kicker got stiffed. So I uninstalled Kweather, it is a
> toy. The main and needed parts work super fine, so I do not care
> Kweather anymore. Thanks Ralf for you work
> Vlada

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