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Re: apt-get update - kweather

Problem is I that I did not have any chance to change anything - almost
immediately after adding Kweather to kicker it produced error messages
and kicker was frozen - no chance for setting correct ICAO code.
On Sat, 2003-01-04 at 20:41, Michael Hoodes wrote:
> Yes I agree Kweather is a toy.  I think the problem you are having
> with it is the same as I described in an earlier post.  The Czech 
> Republic page for Meteorological Station  Information Lookup has many 
> sites but it seems that the one you chose is not operational.   
> Kweather then passed your site address to kde and the system gets
> unresponsive.  If you want to "play" with the toy, specify my 
> weather station KSEA as the ICAO location code which is up correctly 
> most of the time.  This is Seattle and it's raining right now. 
> Kweather should be handling error conditions better! 
> As far as getting happy from a software installation, I only wish 
> that happiness was that easy! <grin>
> Michael 
> On Saturday 04 January 2003 at 10:47 am, Ing. Vladimir M. Kerka wrote:
> > So you are happy one. I tried Ralf's debs (which are great for me),
> > the installation went well, but when I added it to kicker, it said
> > that some  site had somwething missing (i do not remember it
> > correctly) and kicker got stiffed. So I uninstalled Kweather, it is a
> > toy. The main and needed parts work super fine, so I do not care
> > Kweather anymore. Thanks Ralf for you work
> > Vlada
Ing. Vladimir M. Kerka <kerka@dinmont.cz>

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