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Re: kde 3.0.3, compiled for woody

It certainly would be useful if people that are a bit clueless would start
using "userfriendly" frontends that do the thinking for them again.

Use dselect, aptitude or something and let them tell you what's wrong. And
unless you want to get some more knowledgeable and learn about the
tools stop using apt-get.

On Fri, 23 Aug 2002, VETSEL Patrice wrote:

> Many thnx but here is my problem :

Your problem is, that you're using apt-get. Apt-get is not for the
clueless. Use a "userfriendly" frontend like dselect or aptitude or ...
and let them tell you what's wrong.

> When i do a apt-get install kde i'v some errors :

Your output doesn't really contain very useful info.

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