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Re: Fonts are a big concern for Debian, IMHO

Oh, forgot two important points..

> Find free fonts that:
>  + is compact and suitable for a GUI (say, menus and a file browser)
>  + looks good and is easy to read
>    + in sizes 7-12 without antialiasing
>    + in sizes 5- with antialiasing

   + has bold and italics

>  + has both upper and lower case characters
>  + has scandinavian and french characters, euro sign, mathematical
>    characters etc.

   + supports several character encodings
    (ascii, iso8859-1, iso8859-15, etc)

>  (+ is really free and you can even distribute modified versions)
> Good examples, except that they are not free, are Windows fonts Microsoft
> Sans Serif, Courier New and Times New Roman. The free Verdana is
> unfortunately too wide for GUI use, IMO.
> - Jarno

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