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Re: HELP! DCOP communication error!

This is really bad. I've tried anything I found on the net including
reinstalling everything that might be related, but nothing helps. I'm
running unstable/testing, and also tried upgrading to KDE 3.0.3, but the
result is exactly the same.

Does anybody have any clues about whats causing this error?

Or is there a painless way to downgrade to KDE 2.2.2?


I'm now running KDE3.0.3. While the upgrade from 2.2.2 to 3.0.3 took
alot of fiddling around it does work for me and others, you need several
things from unstable for it to work:
    - libqt3*
    - libc

ii  libc6                 2.2.5-14              GNU C Library: Shared libraries and Timezone data
ii  libc6-dev             2.2.5-14              GNU C Library: Development Libraries and Header Files.
ii  libqt-dev             2.3.1-22              Qt GUI development headers
ii  libqt2                2.3.1-22              Qt GUI Library (runtime version).
ii  libqt2-mt             2.3.1-22              Qt GUI Library (runtime threaded version).
ii  libqt3                3.0.5-2               Qt GUI Library (runtime files)
ii  libqt3-mt             3.0.5-2               Qt GUI Library (Threaded runtime version)
ii  libqt3-mysql          3.0.5-2               Mysql database plugin for Qt3
ii  libqt3-odbc           3.0.5-2               ODBC plugin for Qt3
ii  libqt3-psql           3.0.5-2               Postgresql database plugin for Qt3
ii  kdeartwork-misc       3.0.2-1               various multimedia goodies released with KDE
ii  kdeartwork-theme-desk 3.0.2-1               desktop themes and related goodies released with KDE
ii  kdeartwork-theme-wind 3.0.2-1               window decoration themes released with KDE

ii  kdebase               3.0.3-1               KDE Base metapackage
ii  kdebase-bin           3.0.3-1               KDE Base (binaries)
ii  kdebase-data          3.0.3-1               KDE Base (shared data)
ii  kdebugdialog          3.0.3-1               KDE Debug Settings
ii  kdecarddecks          3.0.3-1               Card decks for KDE games

ii  kdelibs-bin           3.0.3-1               KDE core binaries
ii  kdelibs-data          3.0.3-1               KDE core shared data
ii  kdelibs4              3.0.3-1               KDE core libraries
ii  kdepalettes           3.0.3-1               palettes that match the KDE standard colour palette
ii  kdeprint              3.0.3-1               KDE Print
ii  kdesdk-scripts        3.0.3-1               a set of useful development scripts for KDE
ii  kdesktop              3.0.3-1               KDE Desktop

ii  kdevelop-doc          2.1.2-0kde2.2-1       Documentation for the kdevelop package
ii  libkdegames1          3.0.3-1               KDE games library and common files

sig = 0xda1e;

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