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Problems with kdm at woody stable

Hello NG,

I used to run gdm, and it worked and still works fine.

As I figured out, that kde is also fine (which I start with startx), I wanted to use kdm:

kdm starts my X-server, executes nothing (just the backgroundgray from the x-server and the mouse-pointer) and then exists (also the X-server) emediatley. I get no error messages with any level of -debug at kdm.

Then I started to check, if xdm works, and it displays at least the X-login screen, accepts or rejects my login, but at an successful login, it restarts to display the login (without any comments).

Does anybody has an idea, what to do or to check? 
I'm not shure, if I probably did something wront with xauth some month ago, but again, gdm works fine.


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