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Re: Dependendcy problem KDE3/wine

* Tomasz Wegrzanowski (taw@users.sf.net) [020801 17:58]:
> On Thu, Aug 01, 2002 at 11:50:24AM -0400, Cloverm wrote:
> > Has anyone done this successfully? Can this person make the .deb package
> > available for others? I tried it, but the compiler always stopped with
> > cryptic error messages (which usually is the case every time I try to
> > compile something from source) ...
> Compiled .debs (half month old by now) and the patch are on:
> https://taw.pl.eu.org/~taw/kde/

this patch (which is the same as the one posted to the list some
time before) is in the debian wine package and my wine daily
builds allready. It does not help to produce packages with link
against or depend on both libarts or libarts1. it just builds
with one of both libs.

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