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Re: KDE3 and KDE2 side by side

On Thu, Aug 01, 2002 at 03:34:56PM +0000, Rob Andrews wrote:
> [Nicolai P Guba wrote in newsgate.debian.kde]
>  > > Multiple versions of KDE can not be installed into the same hierarchy
>  > > and this is not a limitation of Debian, it is a limitation of how KDE
>  > > works.  You can of course have one version in /usr and one somewhere
>  > > else like /opt or /usr/local.
>  > Why is this a limitation of how KDE works.  I don't understand.  What would 
>  > KDE have to do so that this is possible?
> It's down to where things get installed. 'kicker' (the panel), goes into
> /usr/bin in both kde 2 and kde 3. The majority of kde components will be
> like this.

I must have forgotten to respond to this thread.  One of the major
reasons is that some libs are dlopened which requires the .la files.
Since the .la files are required you can not install different versions
of the libraries.  There are a few other reasons I have heard, but I do
not remember what they are right now.


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