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Re: Xfree86 and KDM from kde 3 (unofficial debs)

On Saturday 01 June 2002 03:51 pm, Gilles Grandou wrote:
> > PS: Are there any unofficial XFree 4.2 around that one can use to
> > upgrade instead of using the binary distribution without the package
> > management?
> If you just need XF 4.2 to support new hardware, just grap the Xxserv.tgz
> and Xmods.tgz binaries from xfree86.org, install them over your debian
> install (in /usr/X11R6), and put a few packages in hold state into dselect:
> xlibmesa-dev
>         xlibmesa3
>         xlibosmesa-dev
>         xserver-common
>         xserver-xfree86
> and you will be able to live for a few weeks until XF4.2 arrives in sid...

A few weeks? Thank god... I'm triple-Xing between Xf-debian 4.1, xf-from 
xfree86 4.2, and AcceleratedX from Xi graphics... Yes, runlevel editing comes 
in handy ;-)

(also see sig :-p )


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