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Xfree86 and KDM from kde 3 (unofficial debs)

I have to install Debian on a Toshiba Satellite Pro 6000 laptop, where I need XFree 4.2 to be able to use X (with the trident driver). I installed woody and then the binary distribution of XFree86 4.2. Everything works fine now, except that kdm does not work (which is unacceptable for me, as the laptop is for a completely un-technical person, and the login manager needs to have an easy option to shut the laptop down (gdm and xdm still work, but they can't shutdown the laptop). In /var/log/kdm.log I get /usr/bin;kdm: relocation error: /usr/bin/kdm: undefined symbol: _XdmcpWrapperToOddParity for every attempt to start kdm. Looking at the error message, I guess I need to recompile kdm. But what is the easiest way to do this so that the XFree 4.2 headers and libs are used (I can't just ininstall the xfree 4.1 debs, because that breaks several dependencies)???

Please help me,

PS: Are there any unofficial XFree 4.2 around that one can use to upgrade instead of using the binary distribution without the package management?

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