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Re: What WYSIWYG HTML creators/editors run on KDE?

On Wed, Oct 24, 2001 at 01:06:18PM -0700, tluxt wrote:

> Netscape navigator had an editor.  Using Konqueror, I can't find such an
> editor with KDE.  Is there a separate WYSIWYG HTML editor that is part of
> the KDE project?  If no, are there any other WYSIWYG HTML editors that
> run properly on KDE?

There are several good HTML editors out there, like Quanta for example.
They aren't WYSIWYG, because then they'd have to emulate 1000 bugs of at
least the couple main browsers.

Writing HTML like a word processor is a BAD IDEA (imho), because no HTML
can be as clean and optimized than manually written one. Quanta has table,
form etc. wizards but you do get to write HTML code yourself, which I
believe is the best of all worlds.

Most Dreamweaver/Frontpage/... generated sites just suck. In used bandwidth
(1000s of small few-pixel-graphics), in layout ("optimized" for one browser
= emulating its rendering bugs -> doesn't work on any others), in loading
time (overbloated HTML), and so on.

btw, I use vim. ;)

just my EUR 0.02

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