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Upgrade to Woody, Sucess!

I've finally finished my upgrade from Progeny to Woody. Aside from several 
days and nights downloading packages, it was mostly painless.

I had been running Progeny that had been kept up-to-date from the newton 
site, so I just followed the directions given. When tha packages were finally 
downloaded, I kept getting perl errors about my locale en_IE not being 
supported and this seemed to be causing problems with some installations, so 
I changed  LC_ALL=C and re-ran the apt-get -f install which finished file. 
Then I installed modconf and rebooted. On reboot, my network card was not 
working. Running modconf allowed me to install the module for my network 
card, but all the other modules seemed to be fine.

The only other problem I have is no sound. I can su to root in a terminal and 
play midi files with timidity, so it's obviously just a simple config problem 
like not being in the audio group or some such but this is minor.

Overall, I am quite satisfied with the upgrade! I find the testing version of 
KDE 'seems' to be a bit quicker. I think I'll just play with this version 
before trying to install KDE2.2 from unstable just yet.

Of course this is just one person's experience. I have seen a few people 
who've had problems, so consider your options and requirements. YMMV!


	John Gay

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