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Re: Upgrade to Woody, Sucess!

John Gay wrote:
> The only other problem I have is no sound. I can su to root in a terminal and
> play midi files with timidity, so it's obviously just a simple config problem
> like not being in the audio group or some such but this is minor.

That is EXACTLY the problem...Woody doesn't come this way "out of the
box".  You have to add all your users to the audio group and then do a
re-boot.  You can use the KDE "user manager" to do this rather easily or
you can use the "addgroup" at a root command-line prompt.  

There is something "fishy" about the cdrom permissions too.  I could not
play audio CDs as a user, again because of a permissions problem.  The
problem seems to be on the actual device  itself (/dev/hdc) rather than
on the /dev/cdrom, which is just a sym-link.  I changed my /dev/hdc and
/dev/hdd (both CDROMS) to 777 and it started working ok.  This probably
causes some sort of security hole, but I can live with it....
All things are working nicely now!

-Don Spoon-

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