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SSL sites in Konqueror


I have just upgraded KDE to 2.2.1 from unstable on my testing machine (apt-get -t unstable install kde).

Everything seems to be working just fine but SSL sites with konqueror. The problem I have looks like the 
problems Josh Morris described in a recent thread in debian-kde list from which I borrowed the 
subject of this e-mail.

Moreover, it is not only a Konqueror's problem. It seems that everything that is related to ssl doesn't work 
in my new KDE desktop. Konqueror hangs while connecting to a ssl site, and if I try to configure cryptography 
from the control center I get the following error:

/usr/lib/kde2/libkcm_crypto.so: undefined symbol: modifyByCN__20KSSLCertificateR7QSrtringQ220KSSLCertificateCache21KSSLCertificatePolicybR9QDateTime

(the string above may not be 100% correct, I ha to copy it from a dialog box).

It seems if I wait long enough konqueror will give me the same error.

The packages I have installed are:

kdelibs3: 2.2.1-10
kdelibs3-crypto: 2.2.1-8
kdebase-crypto: 2.2.1-6
libssl0.9.6: 0.9.6b-2
openssl: 0.9.6b-2
libc6: 2.2.4-3

Oh, another probably unrelated problem is that the control center can not find my usb printer (or any
usb device).

I hope someone can help me.

Best regards, 


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