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Strange System Use

Following an apt-get system update last night, which the maintainer of 
Konqueror said would cure the glibc6 problems, everything seemed to be good.

This morning, when I woke my Debian box, activity was sluggish and gkrellm 
showed my CPU usage to be 100%.

Issuing a "top" revealed that a process called htdig was consuming 30+% of 
system resources.  The problem persisted as I visited bugs.kde.org, with 
the htmerge and sort processes also ranking #1 and #2 in top system CPU use.

Eventually (now in fact as I type), things have settled back to normal.  I 
had feared I might have to log out and then back in, or (gods no!) reboot.

This may be a side-effect of sleep-mode following the latest updates.

I wanted to post this so that any developers trolling the list might learn 
of this phenomena.
Robert Tilley, tilleyrw@cfl.rr.com

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