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artsd is segfaulting with alsa drivers

I recently switched my laptops sound drivers from the kernel modules to 
alsa-0.9+0beta4. I'm pretty sure I have alsa set up correctly. All sound 
applications outside of kde are working fine.

To complete the switch in kde, I did an apt-get install libarts-alsa. 
However, I think artsd is segfaulting on login. I've tried running it from 
the command line (I don't know if this is right, but I'm getting desperate):

  joseph@athena:~$ artsd -l 0
  autodetecting driver:
   - null: 0
  Segmentation fault

  joseph@athena:~$ artsd -A
  possible choices for the audio i/o method:
    null      No audio input/output
    alsa      Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
    oss       Open Sound System

  joseph@athena:~$ artsd -a alsa -l 0
  Segmentation fault

Does anyone have any ideas about what might be going wrong? More info 
availabe upon request ;-)

Joe Schlecht

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