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Re: artsd is segfaulting with alsa drivers


On Monday 09 July 2001 23:08, Joseph Schlecht wrote:

> I recently switched my laptops sound drivers from the kernel modules to
> alsa-0.9+0beta4. I'm pretty sure I have alsa set up correctly. All sound
> applications outside of kde are working fine.

[artsd crashes]

Same here. Wild guess: artsd is compiled against alsa-0.5. I never managed to 
compile artsd against alsa-0.9 myself but against alsa-0.5 worked fine so I 
think the KDE team has not ported artsd to alsa-0.9 yet.

Workaround: Compile alsa with oss-emulation support and set the sound I/O 
method under Sound->Sound Server->Sound I/O in the control center to "Open 
Sound System".


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