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Re: artsd network question

On Saturday 07 July 2001 21:47, Radu Muschevici wrote:
> I would like to have my sound clients (xmms, noatun) on my laptop output 
> their sound over the network to an arts daemon running on my desktop computer.
> I suppose I have to configure the hostname/TCP port of the server
> somewhere on the client, but where?

On the desktop computer start Controlcenter and enable in Sound -> Sound Server
the items:

	enable network transparency
	exchange security and reference info over the X11 Server

and apply (to restart artsd).  Now slogin -X to you laptop and

	echo GlobalComm=Arts::X11GlobalComm > ~/.mcoprc

	artsdsp xmms	# or use the xmms' artsplugin

etc. works over the network.
> Also, do I need to run an artsd also on the laptop which would act as a
> forwarder?

No, see above, but, e.g.,  'artsplay  file'  will only work if 'file' is on the host
running artsd and not on the local host.  A fix is one of the top 3 items for
KDE 2.3 ;)

> thanks
> Radu
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