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Making Brahms, the Debian way?

I remember this subject came up here before, but i can't find the mails so 
I'll ask for myself.

I just down-loaded the latest sources for Brahms from the main KDE site. I 
would like to try to compile it, but I want to be sure that it goes in the 
proper directories. I understand that there a many tools that Ivan and others 
have provided to help simplify this task. I think I've got most of them at 
this stage, but I just want to be sure.

I am guessing that first I need to be able to 'make' brahms sucsessfully 
before I can start implimenting the Debian-specific changes. I still need to 
chase down a few things, I think just the arts development stuff.

After this, I beleive I can use some tools to try to convert the plain 
sources into Debianized sources that will install in the proper locations.

I've read Ivan's page about this subject and think I've got all the tools, I 
just need to figure out how it all works together.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


	John Gay

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