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Re: koffice solution for small school office suite?

jg1024@linuxfreemail.com wrote:

Is koffice the solution for our small school network (10 machine) need for a stable linux office package?

I need a solid wysiwyg word processor and a spreadsheet that has graphing capability.
I am looking at staroffice (the bohemoth memory pig) as a solution, but would rather not go that route.

I need stability, I don't need flashy.
Thanks for any advice anyone has on this topic.  I'll check the list posting.

Hello jg1024@linuxfreemail.com,

It's quite a while I had a look at koffice, so I don't know anything about features and stability. I have no idea what machines you are running in your school, this might be helpfull.

I run SO5.2 for spreadsheet applications on my P133 with 80 MB RAM. Well it takes a while to start SO but then you can work pretty fast.

BTW, could you set up your mail agent to breaklines at 72 better 68 characters.


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