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Re: Making Brahms, the Debian way?

On Sunday 08 July 2001 01:34, John Gay wrote:
> I remember this subject came up here before, but i can't find the mails so 
> I'll ask for myself.
> I just down-loaded the latest sources for Brahms from the main KDE site. I 
> would like to try to compile it, but I want to be sure that it goes in the 
> proper directories. I understand that there a many tools that Ivan and others 
> have provided to help simplify this task. I think I've got most of them at 
> this stage, but I just want to be sure.
> I am guessing that first I need to be able to 'make' brahms sucsessfully 
> before I can start implimenting the Debian-specific changes. I still need to 
> chase down a few things, I think just the arts development stuff.

I'm not sure if latest brahms sources compile with KDE CVS.  There's a special
branch with additional features for brahms (announcement appended).  If
make fails ask on kde-multimedia@kde.org for more details.  Further at least
~ 10 days ago one need alsa (or hack sources) to compile brahms. --without-alsa
did not work but maybe this is fixed already.


Subject: aRts branch
From: Stefan Westerfeld <stefan@space.twc.de>
 To: kde-multimedia@kde.org
 Cc: kde-core-devel@kde.org, arts@space.twc.de
 Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2001 17:40:49 +0200

I have created a second branch for new developments in aRts today. It was
more or less the only way to deal with the following two conflicting goals:

 * KDE is in feature-freeze currently

 * there is a talk held by Jan Wuerthner and me about aRts/Brahms at
   LinuxTag2001 in a few weeks, and we're currently still working getting
   some things implemented properly in aRts/Brahms

So to fulfill these, for kdemultimedia/arts there is now

  * bugfixes only
  * will be released with KDE2.2

  * will contain new features
  * will be merged back into HEAD after KDE2.2

If you want to update your CVS copy of aRts to the branch, do:

stefan@stefan:~/src$ cd kdemultimedia/arts
stefan@stefan:~/src/kdemultimedia/arts$ cvs update -r ARTS_0_7_BRANCH

Some goals for the branch/aRts-0.7.x unstable development are:

 * environments (for sequencer integration: the sequencer creates an
   environment with some devices, for instance a mixer and synthesizers,
   that can be saved easily with all settings made there with the song
   file, and restored later)
 * software emulation of a multichannel mixer
 * more work on aRts midi support (synchonization with audio, timing,
 * harddisc recording
 * ladspa support
 * implement all features fully that were present in the last aRts/CORBA
   ( release, that is for instance
     - reading/playing AKAI samples
         - modifying instrument parameters while playing (instrument GUIs)
         - recording from soundserver by a small program (old artsrec/artsmon)
         - schedule cycles of modules properly

Here is a screenshot of the mixer code in ARTS_0_7_BRANCH:


Hope that makes everybody happy ;)

   Cu... Stefan
> After this, I beleive I can use some tools to try to convert the plain 
> sources into Debianized sources that will install in the proper locations.
> I've read Ivan's page about this subject and think I've got all the tools, I 
> just need to figure out how it all works together.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Cheers,
> 	John Gay
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