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Re: nspluginviewer crashs with debian version of libqt 2.3.1

On Tuesday 26 June 2001 22:10, Jens Benecke wrote:
> <OT>
> Are you also suspecting the current (1.0-1251) drivers to have a memory
> hole? My XFree86 process eats about 250MB of virtual memory, that's fifteen
> times as much as the ATI (gatos) driver on my laptop needs. And this
> requirement grows over time, I can't let X run for >3 days because then my
> VM will be all used up (192MB RAM + 250MB swap)
> </OT>

top reports 193MB for Xfree86 for me (including 32MB Framebuffer + IO space)
seems still a bit much, but i didn't notice any growth in mem usage so far.

but, if you have an app with an memleak, it's not necessarily the X driver:
if a program allocates a shared pixmap the space gets accounted for X, 
although it belongs to the program.

just to come back on topic: 8-)
i read a bugreport on the kde-develop archives, that a recent build
of kde2.2 cvs has/had a memleak in the display of desktop background pictures
which resulted in growth of Xfree86..
maybe its something like that. 


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