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Re: nspluginviewer crashs with debian version of libqt 2.3.1

Ivan E. Moore II wrote:
> > I compiled it like this:
> > # ./configure -gif -system-zlib -system-libpng -system-libmng -system-jpeg
> > # make symlinks  src-moc src-mt sub-src
> > and copied the newly compiled l
>so your not building with "-opengl -sm -xft -no-g++-exceptions" ?

well i tried the "-sm -xft -no-g++-exceptions" options before but i didn't
checked the gl support, since i thought that its enabled by default in the
upstream sources. but ldd told me, that i was wrong.

changing -opengl to -no-opengl in the rules file resulted in a working lib 
(i.e. no crashes with the nspluginviewer.)
so, it looks like the cause for the trouble is the damn binary only nvidia 
driver. (again)
just then you think the nvidia driver behaves nicely, it strikes back with a 
new problem :( but its kinda funny how it relates to the pluginviewer..

Ivan, any chance that you revive the extra package for a gl linked qt
and one without gl? :-/


nvidia drivers version is 1.0-1251
konqueror version: 4:2.2-cvs20010602-1
libqt2 version: 2:2.3.1-1 
(debian sid)

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