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Re: nspluginviewer crashs with debian version of libqt 2.3.1

On Tue, Jun 26, 2001 at 04:12:25PM +0200, Jens Hoffmann wrote:
> changing -opengl to -no-opengl in the rules file resulted in a working
> lib (i.e. no crashes with the nspluginviewer.) so, it looks like the
> cause for the trouble is the damn binary only nvidia driver. (again) just
> then you think the nvidia driver behaves nicely, it strikes back with a
> new problem :( but its kinda funny how it relates to the pluginviewer..


Are you also suspecting the current (1.0-1251) drivers to have a memory
hole? My XFree86 process eats about 250MB of virtual memory, that's fifteen
times as much as the ATI (gatos) driver on my laptop needs. And this
requirement grows over time, I can't let X run for >3 days because then my
VM will be all used up (192MB RAM + 250MB swap)

Jens Benecke
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