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Re: Netscape -> KMail

David Grill Watson schrieb:
> On Monday 25 June 2001 04:27 pm, Chris Howells wrote:
> > Does anybody have any experience with importing Netscape Messenger
> > e-mails into KMail?
> >
> > KMail import does not seem to deal with Netscape Messenger messages, and
> > I haven't been able to turn anything up with a web search.
> >
> > I have messages (sent and received) going back a few years that I'd like
> > to import).
> As far as I know, the mailbox format is the same - just copy over your
> folders from ~/nsmail.

I'm quite sure, that this will break, if you have subfolders.  Last time
I checked, Netscape uses a <folder-name>.sdb file whereas KMail used a

However, both use the mbox mail format, so if you don't have that many
folders with subfolders you can always do the renaiming yourself.

Viktor Rosenfeld
E-Mail:      mailto:rosenfel@informatik.hu-berlin.de

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