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Re: Problems Upgrading To Woody

I'm glad my advice worked better than your last attempt. Unfortunately upgrading
X can be very tricky. I've had quite a few issues trying to get X4.x.x working,
but I think it's just the completely new design of X.

As I said, the Debian site should have installation instructions for each
version available. I don't have URL's at the moment because I'm at work and
don't have Internet access. Any version-update can be problematic. Debian seems
to be better behaved than most, though.

If the dist-upgrade to woody directly still gave problems, I would think the
next thing to try would be a fresh installation of testing directly. Again,
check for instalation instructions on Debians main site. Another option is to
try Progeny, which is Debian-based and headed by Debians founder. This is
testing with some really nice installation GUI's and fairly good autodetection
tools. The only down-side to Progeny is their latest KDE is 2.0.0-final. I
overcame this by pointing to Ivan's site and upgrading KDE from there, but with
that site gone, you will have to use one of the mirrors.

I hope this is of some use to you and good luck with the upgrade to testing.
It's not completely stable but it's supposed to be better than unstable had been
in the past. Feel free to ask me directly for any other help I can give. I've
also got a home address at:


They are both on this list so I can keep up with developments from work and at


     John Gay

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