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Problems Upgrading To Woody

Given that KDE is now a part of Woody and active development (or 
re-development by the illustrious Mr. Moore II has ceased) I have sought to 
upgrade my Potato platform to Testing.


The first assay I did in these untested waters was to simply change all 
occurrences of "stable" in my sources.list file to "testing".  This led to 
multiple dependency problems when I did an apt-get upgrade.  There was too 
much work to do to correct my machine, so I wiped and reloaded.

The second time I followed some advice I had received and changed "stable" to 
"woody" then proceeded with an apt-get dist-upgrade.  This was better and I 
actually began the process of changing to XFree86 4.0.3 (which was my main 
goal, aside from KDE).  Problems arose again and given my frustration level 
at this and the lateness of the hour, I wiped and reloaded Potato.

This morning I decided to ask for help from the group.  Where are some 
instructions on safely and cleanly upgrading to Woody?  I know I can play 
around with my sources.list and apt-get but I would like to read some 
documentation that tells where to point apt-get and what procedure to follow.

Thank you for any information!

Robert "The Meticulous"

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