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Re: Audio problems w/es1371

On Mon, May 28, 2001 at 09:36:31PM -0700, nphyre@evernex.com wrote:
> > > First, the freezing problem.  This primarly happens with the console
> > > beep in KDE2's 'konsole' program.  I can make the beep in konsole as
> > > many times as I like with no problems, but after a beep has been
> > > played in konsole, the sound driver goes into a weird state for around
> > > 30 seconds or more, where if any other program is loaded that tries to
> > > play sounds (xmms, snes9x, rocknes, and so forth) there will either be
> > > an error (rocknes says "Cannot find sound card"), or more commonly,
> > > the program will simply freeze hard for 30 seconds or so, and then
> > > start executing normally as soon as the driver decides it wants to
> > > work again.
> > >  

KDE has a special daemon to handle sound. When a KDE programm wants to
use the sound, the daemon locks the device and allows the programm to
play. Other programms can't play sound during this time and have to wait
until KDE is ready. When it is the sound deamon (artsd) goes to sleep
and another application can play sound.

	Casper Gielen
casper@huiscomputer.homeip.net, capslock2000@mailandnews.com
People just generally like to disagree. 
	Bill Joy

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