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RE: libssl096 for kde2


You may find libssl (and friends) in the *crypto* section of your 'KDE for
Potato' mirror.
The crypto directory is in the same location of the main directory.

/etc/apt/sources.list example:
deb http://ftp.wh9.tu-dresden.de/pub/linux/debian-stuff/KDE2 potato main

Good Luck,


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From: Scott E. Graves [mailto:scottg@lintuit.com]
Sent: vrijdag 25 mei 2001 23:03
To: debian-kde
Subject: libssl096 for kde2

where can i find libssl 0.9.6 for potato? this package is showing as a 
failed dependency when tryin to install KDE 2.1.1 on potato.


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