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RIP kde.tdyc.com -- Now what?


I am a mirror maintainer of two sites that are shown in: 
http://www.google.com/search?q=cache:wO2peEYStdk:kde.tdyc.com/+kde+tdyc&hl=en ,
-    http://sapi.vlsm.org
-    http://kambing.vlsm.org

Now, besides disabling the daily mirror script to kde.tdyc.com:
- what else should/ can I do?
- will there be no more potato updates, and only for woody?


Rahmat M. Samik-Ibrahim - VLSM-TJT - http://rms46.vlsm.org
Tarlumobi di hamu Raja ni Hula-Hula dohot Tulang nami,bah!

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