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Re: Packaging WM themes - question

>>>>> On Fri, 25 May 2001 03:44:46 -0400, Matt Zimmerman
>>>>> <mdz@debian.org> said:

>> > Ben> I am hesitant to do (1) because of the user's disk space usage.
>> > Ben> I am hesitant to do (2) because I'm not sure that debian wants a
>> > Ben> million kde-theme-* packages on its servers.

Matt> Is it generally possible (I know this is possible with sawfish)
Matt> for the user to install a theme without root privileges?  If so,
Matt> then one big theme package is useful to allow a user to browse
Matt> themes, select the one(s) they like, and copy it/them into an
Matt> appropriate spot in their home directory (after which they can
Matt> delete the big package).

# apt-get install big-theme-package

<user, probably main user of the machine, installs theme in ~>

# dpkg --purge big-theme-package

I do not like that method too much.  You do two root things to save
some system space, but then have to do those two root things everytime
any user installs a theme?  And furthermore, if a second user installs
the same theme, the disk-space-savings story get weaker.

It would be nice if there were a suid root, but user-runnable, theme
installer which would install over the Network or from a local tarball
of themes.  That way a user could install the themes which he wanted,
they would go in system space, and the other users would not have to
install them also.

One problem I see is a user downloading a malicious theme tarball, and
installing themes from it, causing problems system wide.  The
verification process in the installer would have to be good.


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