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Re: Packaging WM themes - question

On Fri, 25 May 2001, Ben Burton wrote:

>> Is it generally possible (I know this is possible with sawfish) for the
>> user to install a theme without root privileges?  If so, then one big theme
>> package is useful to allow a user to browse themes, select the one(s) they
>> like, and copy it/them into an appropriate spot in their home directory
>> (after which they can delete the big package).
>Yes, certainly possible.  I am however attached to the idea of a user
>unfamiliar with the details being able to simply say "apt-get install
>kde-theme-foo" and have it/them magically show up in the control panel.
>Of course I am open to being convinced otherwise. :)

Non-free themes.  Some themes on kde.themes.org are very likely ripoffs
that haven't been caught yet.  An installer may provide a large enough
level of indirection so as to not directly involve Debian...  "Look, all
we did is to provide a way to install an arbitrary theme from an allegedly
trusted source on to a Debian system: can we help it if the user chose a
theme that was in violation of your copyright?".  Perhaps a double pronged
method should be applied here: a (dozen?  couple?  few?) themes ought to
be thrown into a package, and the installer should be used to get any
arbitrary theme off k.t.o.  Basically, use the themes package as a sampler
of k.t.o and let the sysadmin grab all that they wish via the installer.
The installer package would be nice if an individual user could run it to
customize their work environment, but it's not really vital to be usable
by non-root if it gets to be too much of a headache.  JMHO, do with it
what you will...



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