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Re: to stop the thread over conffiles...


> As a sysad, I do not like to edit anything beneath /usr by hand

> Usually, in backing up a complete system, I regard it to be
> completely restorable with only the original packages at hand and a
> backup of everything except /usr.  

And because that worked for me, it was one of reasons to change to 
debian. It is even possible to recover most of an system, just with 
an backup of /etc. And thats an argument that other debian developers 
pointed out, when the issue comes to usability of linux in an large 

> Therefore, the correct place for the system wide override directory
> should be /etc/kde/{applnk,mimelnk,servcises,servicetypes} which
> might well be empty by default.

the should be emty. so the problem that they become configuration 
files won't happen.

> Actually, I believe having both
> /usr/share/kde/applnk and /usr/share/applnk with different meaning
> would cause a lot of confusion. IMO, the second option should be
> dropped and replaced by a /etc/kde/applnk (empty by default)

I came from an distri with kde in /opt/kde. I think there are pros an 
cons regarding this. But putting everything thats was in 
/opt/kde/share to /usr/share wasn't o good decision. NOT because the 
concept isn't good, but because the KDE-Projekt didn't really intend 
to fit there share-dirs in the global /usr/share. A lot of the 
core-developers working for SuSE or other companies that are going 
the /opt/kde way. I think they just don't think the /usr/share-way.

So in my opinion /usr/share/{applnk,mimelnk,servcises,servicetypes} 
would just stay for compatibility reasons. /usr/share/kde is a good 
place for the default {applnk,mimelnk,servcises,servicetypes}-dirs. I 
think gnome does the same in /usr/share/gnome (at least my ximian 1.4 

To come to an end: What are the good argument agains /etc/kde, like 
Norbert Nemec suggested ?

By the way Thanks Ivan for your great work.


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