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Uhmm: kdm-config kdmrc Xsetup (potato)

Hallo Ivan,

just updated KDE 2 from kde.tdyc.com on a potato box and the
kdm ( changes confused me a bit:

1) Distinction between local Xserver and remote X-servers is gone

ds02[0] /etc/X11/kdm # grep _0 kdm-config
DisplayManager._0.authorize:    true
DisplayManager._0.resources:    /etc/X11/kdm/Xresources_0
DisplayManager._0.setup:        /etc/X11/kdm/Xsetup_0
DisplayManager._0.startup:      /etc/X11/kdm/Xstartup_0
DisplayManager._0.reset:        /etc/X11/kdm/Xreset_0
ds02[0] /etc/X11/kdm # grep _0 kdm-config.dpkg-dist
ds02[1] /etc/X11/kdm #

This would certainly disappoint the X-Terminal users I serve here ;)

2) kdmrc does not contain the KDE 2 session type anymore.  kdmrc diff give:


3) a typo in new /etc/X11/kdm/Xsetup
   (should be Xsetup_0 IMHO. See 1 above)

+    fi
+    rm /var/run/xconsole$hostsever.pid
+  fi
                                ^-- 'r' missing

4) Last but not least Xsetup starts at the kdmdesktop at the end
   but /usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/en/kdm/kdmdesktop.html  Tells me
   that kdmdesktop is obsolete and ignored by kdm.

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