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arts(d) and near crashes


I wanted to share my experience with system performance. I have been seeing 
performance issues with various apps under KDE2. Seems like it always is 
involved with arts(d). I've finally reached the point where I am not starting 
the demon on startup and will live without sound events.

I want to say that my system goes into a tail spin of swappage, yet I'm 
completely unconvinced that it's a memory issue. My mouse will move but out 
of sync with the pointer (so it's useless) and the keyboard is still there, 
but will not work to provide a 3 fingered salute.

I was able to get to my root console once and issue init 1 which allowed me 
to keep my uptime (just over 40 days). This lock up was after I attempted to 
print a document from StarOffice5.2 and I had xmms running with the arts 
pluggin. It took nearly 15 minutes of attempting to leave x to get back to 
the console.

The second and third quirks were after I attempted to use noatun to play an 
ogg formated speech from RMS. During these events, my keyboard would no 
longer function. The first time, I stayed for about 20 minutes but wasn't 
getting out of x and couldn't kill x. I used the reset button and started 
into 45 minutes of e2fsck'ing which took two shots (but it lived!). The 
second time I was able to use my other box to ssh in and become root long 
enough to do a shutdown -r now. It took 27 minutes to boot after I issued the 
command, but the kernel didn't give up!

I recall some others were having major issues with noatun and here it has 
never played nice but did play. 

System is stable potato with kde2.1.2. A 450pIII with 128MB Dimms.

I'm not sure why kde went with the arts concept yet, but I'll browse the site 
and see if known arts(d) issues are present. I wanted to drop the list a note 
explaining at least my experience here. Now I have to seek out an ogg player 



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