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directory size limit?

Is there a limit to how large a single directory can be??  I was copying a 
large number of iso's into a directory to be shared via samba on my local 
network (one of those virtual cd programs for the kid's games), converting an 
NT box to linux+smb, when I ran into a problem.  About a dozen iso's into it, 
the copy process stopped, claiming the drive was full.  Except df says 35% of 
the 35gig drive is being used.  And I can copy the iso's into other 
directories just fine.  But any attempt to write more into that one fails 
with the disk full error.  All me attempts at searching the net for "file 
directory size limit" just brought back the old 2.1 gig limit for a single 
file, which I have not reached at all.  It's also not an inode problem, as 
there are about 50 files in there total, well under the ext2fs limit.  And 
just to make sure, I deleted everything in there, recopied the files, and it 
bombed out in the same directory.  Anyways, if anyone has run into this 
limit, please tell me, and if it's something else stupid, please tell me that 
too :-)



P.S. While this isn't *directly* kde-related, I was using konq to copy the 
files...  :-P

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