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Re: Woody Freeze Plans - Progress Report II

ok...with this announcement that means that KDE2.2 *will* be a part of
the Debian woody release as long as KDE 2.2 is released somewhat on 


On Mon, May 07, 2001 at 06:56:45PM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
> Well, congratulations are in order to Santiago Garcia Mantinan
> <manty@debian.org> and the rest of the boot-floppies team: we've at last
> had a (relatively) successful install of a woody system! [0]
> As such, I'm hopeful that we'll be able to make a "preview release" of
> woody (on CD) in the next few weeks that will allow testers to start
> doing installations tests and generally give us a feel for what bugs
> we've missed in our routine dist-upgrades.
> Given that, I hope to be able to start the freeze in early June. As
> announced previously on this list, the freeze will be staggered: policy
> will be frozen and debugged first, followed by the base system, followed
> by the standard packages and boot-floppies, followed by the rest of
> the system.
> Being optimistic, this means:
> 	* Policy goes into debugging mode on 1st June, and no further
> 	  changes may be made after about 20th June.
> 	* Base packages must have all release-critical bugs fixed by
> 	  1st July, and no further changes may be made after about 20th July.
> 	* Boot-floppies, standard packages, task packages, and packages
> 	  included in tasks or in boot-floppies need all their
> 	  release-critical bugs fixed by 1st August, and no further
> 	  changes may be made to them after about 20th August.
> 	* The remaining packages (optional, extra) need their
> 	  release-critical bugs fixed by 1st September, and no further
> 	  changes may be made to them after about 20th September.
> 	* We release early to mid October.
> Again this is still fairly optimistic, and not necessarily going to
> happen. (Hi Slashdot.)
> Where possible, packages with release-critical bugs at the appropriate
> deadline will be removed from woody; for packages where this isn't
> reasonable (base and some standard packages), the phase will be repeated,
> delaying everything by a month.
> There are four ports, any of which may want to try for a woody release:
> hurd-i386, mips, hppa and ia64. If they do, they need to ensure that
> their port has stabilised and is ready for mainstream use, that the
> relevant required, important and standard packages have all been ported,
> that they have a functioning autobuilder (or two) that can keep up with
> unstable (and is keeping up with unstable) and that it's built a fair
> chunk of optional and extra, and they need to ensure that they can get
> boot-floppies working in the above time frame.
> The main areas which will probably cause delays are:
> 	* boot-floppies: we've had precisely one successful install,
> 	  and then only due to using CVS versions of this and hacked
> 	  versions of that; boot-floppies still have a way to go before
> 	  they're releasable. 
> 	* policy: there are still a handful of policy changes that ought
> 	  to be proposed, passed and implemented for woody.
> 	* ports: there are a fair few packages that don't correctly build
> 	  on some of our architectures, which need to be investigated
> 	  by hand. There are few people handling this, and it can take
> 	  copious amounts of time. If any unreleased architectures try for
> 	  release but have problems getting boot-floppies done, or getting
> 	  their port otherwise releasable, that could cause delays too.
> 	* RC bugs: there are a still a *lot* of known but unfixed RC bugs,
> 	  and, it's pretty safe to say that there's a lot of *unknown*
> 	  RC bugs still to be noticed and diagnosed. Hopefully, we'll be
> 	  able to organise for interested users to do test upgrades and
> 	  installs of woody sooner rather than later, so we can get to the
> 	  point where we know most of our bugs sooner rather than later.
> For reference, known RC bugs in the base system at the moment are:
> 	74897: exim (segfault)
> 	85128: console-data / sparc
> 	85629: console-data / arm
> 	88279: hostname / m68k
> 	90789: fdutils (no longer builds)
> 	91763: shellutils (not ready for release yet)
> 	95185: findutils (security issue)
> 	95480: sysklogd (strange problems)
> 	95996: perl (build issues)
> 	96352: binutils / m68k
> 	96358: dpkg (assertion failure)
> Cheers,
> aj
> [0] http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot-0105/msg00071.html
> -- 
> Anthony Towns <ajt@debian.org>
> Release Manager

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