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Re: kde2 assorted snags

At 06:11 am -0700 on November 25, 2000, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:

> > 1.  Unable to convince kde to use MY wav file at startup.. It is listed
> > under the 'look & feel system notifications' and my wav file IS selected,
> > yet I hear the kde-startup.wav.. Finally, I moved the default wav to my
> > home directory, and instead of finally hearing MY wav file, I get nothing
> > at all... So, how does one get a personalized wav to work at startup?
> I personally cannot say as I have not messed with this...hopefully someone
> else here has done so or can confirm a bug...

I also experienced this when I had kde installed.  Both changing and
disabling the startup and logout sounds had no effect.


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