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Re: kde 2.0.1 vs 2.1


I really appreciate your hard hours on this project! I have been
absolutely amazed at how many apps have been updated since the new
maintainers came aboard.  I know you really have your hands full!
Seems like kde is almost a daily update/upgrade - do you ever sleep?!

woody stable in Feb??? Snort grin snort snort sure :)

Thank you again.

Best regards

On Saturday 25 November 2000 05:29, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:
> Hi all,
>     There's going to be a big split between potato and woody soon.  After
> KDE 2.0.1 is released I'm going to update woody to KDE 2.1 (which will
> be in beta on the 18th of December if they keep on schedule).  I'm doing
> this for a couple reasons:
>     1: The current guestimates for woody's release is sometime in Feb.
>            (tho I don't think anyone is sure yet of anything)
>     2: The current guestimates for KDE 2.1's release is in January/Feb.
>     3: Need to start helping with bug finding/squashing/testing/tweaking
>        so that 2.1's release is smooth.
> I'm not planning on doing this for potato as potato is supposed to be
> stable. :) I may however put out some testing debs in another location
> once I get a feel for the stability of it all...
> Ivan


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