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Re: kde2 assorted snags

> Here are my problems that I have still on my kde install.
> 1.  Unable to convince kde to use MY wav file at startup.. It is listed
> under the 'look & feel system notifications' and my wav file IS selected,
> yet I hear the kde-startup.wav.. Finally, I moved the default wav to my
> home directory, and instead of finally hearing MY wav file, I get nothing
> at all... So, how does one get a personalized wav to work at startup?

I personally cannot say as I have not messed with this...hopefully someone
else here has done so or can confirm a bug...

> 2.  I decided on six desktops. each has a unique picture background. I 
> can start kde and toggle them all, they work right up until I start a
> program. Now, if I start a program on desktop 6 and click on desktop 1,
> I see desktop 6 background picture. How does one control this? I would
> like this to stop crashing, or work like it's supposed to.

this is very strange...it actually sounds like a bug (tho I have not tried
to confirm this).  you might want to submit a bug report for this.
> 3.  I upgraded to kde2 from kde1.x.. debian does make it pretty easy to
> upgrade I have to admit. I had tkseti (seti@home front end) in my
> autostart folder. It worked wonderfully. But since installing the kde2,
> the autostart has never worked. I decided perhaps it must be a problem
> with the upgrade, so I destroyed the old links and made brand new ones,
> and put them into the autostart folder.  Still no tkseti on startup.. 
> What am I missing here?  The kde doc was followed to the letter.

this is strange as my autostart does work.  There are some "default" 
differences with this between kde1 and kde2. (kde1 has a autostart folder
on the desktop whereas kde2 does not).
> So far, I think I have downloaded about 150-200mb of kde updates, Will
> one of these eventually fix these buggers, or do I need to get 
> MANUAL and do it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

that's all?  :)

this is the first time anyone has reported these problems.  Allow others on
this list to confirm these problems or possibly point out how to solve them.

> Also, is there a kde-tweek faq around where one can simply find and
> manualy configure kde programs? That might be best. I know I couldn't
> get the kde cdplay to run until I found that config file and changed
> my dev from /dev/scd1 to /dev/hdd :|

I'm not sure...there is still a lot of work going on in the documentation
arena for KDE 2.0.  But I'm hoping someone here can let us know so that
I can start adding this information to the packages. :)


Ivan E. Moore II
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