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kde2 assorted snags


I'm new to the kde-user list. I use debian and am
currently running the 2.2.17 kernel. The box is a stable potato.

Here are my problems that I have still on my kde install.

1.  Unable to convince kde to use MY wav file at startup.. It is listed
under the 'look & feel system notifications' and my wav file IS selected,
yet I hear the kde-startup.wav.. Finally, I moved the default wav to my
home directory, and instead of finally hearing MY wav file, I get nothing
at all... So, how does one get a personalized wav to work at startup?

2.  I decided on six desktops. each has a unique picture background. I 
can start kde and toggle them all, they work right up until I start a
program. Now, if I start a program on desktop 6 and click on desktop 1,
I see desktop 6 background picture. How does one control this? I would
like this to stop crashing, or work like it's supposed to.

3.  I upgraded to kde2 from kde1.x.. debian does make it pretty easy to
upgrade I have to admit. I had tkseti (seti@home front end) in my
autostart folder. It worked wonderfully. But since installing the kde2,
the autostart has never worked. I decided perhaps it must be a problem
with the upgrade, so I destroyed the old links and made brand new ones,
and put them into the autostart folder.  Still no tkseti on startup.. 
What am I missing here?  The kde doc was followed to the letter.

So far, I think I have downloaded about 150-200mb of kde updates, Will
one of these eventually fix these buggers, or do I need to get 
MANUAL and do it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Also, is there a kde-tweek faq around where one can simply find and
manualy configure kde programs? That might be best. I know I couldn't
get the kde cdplay to run until I found that config file and changed
my dev from /dev/scd1 to /dev/hdd :|

tis and best regards


Jaye Inabnit, ARS ke6sls     e-mail: ke6sls@arrl.net
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