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Re: status of kde1 - > kde2 interop

> > > you mean kdelibs3-dev, not kdelibs3, don't you? anyway ...
> > 
> > no, I meant kdelibs3 and kdelibs2g-dev cannot co-exist.
> > 
> ok - sorry then. i thought, that .la files are in -dev packages in general.
> i have to look a bit closer at it ...

not in KDE2 world.

> > correct..you will not be able to have both -dev packages installed at
> > the same time.  
> > 
> exactly. and this sucks really big time. there are simply too many 
> programs, which have not been ported to kde2 already. that's why i
> suggested to use the alternatives system.
> the current state of having to uninstall the one package to be able to
> install the other one is simply too copious. i know, that this is
> the situation for quite a lot of -dev packages - nevertheless it's
> suboptimal.

what?  you CAN install KDE 1 apps on top of KDE2 with NO problems. 

you just can't have KDE2 installed and have the KDE 1 development files
install cleanly.


Ivan E. Moore II
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