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status of kde1 - > kde2 interop

so I've started rebuilding the kde1 packages...and while I do this I'm
verify all the conflicts and whatnot...the kdelibs2g vs kdelibs3 has been
fixed in CVS and fixed packages will be showing up soon.

kdelibs2g-dev and kdelibs3 cannot co-exist due to 4 .la files.  I didn't
pay too much attention so I'm not sure how important those files are or 
if there is anything I can do about them.  I'll take a look again later.

kdesupport0g will no longer contain the mimelib stuff.  (use kde2's mimelib
stuff instead)...thus allowing kdesupport0g and libmime both to be installed
at the same time.  

that's it so far...I haven't gotten to kdebase yet...
Ivan E. Moore II
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