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Re: status of kde1 - > kde2 interop

> Ivan E. Moore II wrote:
> > kdelibs2g-dev and kdelibs3 cannot co-exist due to 4 .la files.  I didn't
> > pay too much attention so I'm not sure how important those files are or 
> > if there is anything I can do about them.  I'll take a look again later.
> > 
> you mean kdelibs3-dev, not kdelibs3, don't you? anyway ...

no, I meant kdelibs3 and kdelibs2g-dev cannot co-exist.

> having mulitiple versions of the same shared library causes trouble
> when compiling in general. ld.so creates a symlink to the newest version,
> from which the run-time-link version is determined at build-link time:

correct..you will not be able to have both -dev packages installed at
the same time.  

Ivan E. Moore II
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