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Re: Debian KDE timetable

> Is the KDE package for the current stable debian rather bug free? 
> (I.e.: Is is in a "useable" condition for day to day work?  I.e., not so
> many bugs as to be tiresome to use?)  Or, would you suggest I wait for
> the next major release of debian (woody) or KDE (2.01) to use debian KDE
> for day to day work?

It's extremly usable.  There are still bugs mind you...but I use it
for my desktop and my wife uses the potato version as hers.

> If you don't mind making a guess, when do you think you might start the
> backporting to potato?  Once that occurs, how often should I anticipate
> doing an update of KDE onto my system (i.e., how often will updates then
> occur of KDE for potato)?

well, if I backport then changes will occur constantly...ummm...the core stuff
should start slowing down.  Alot fo the rebuilds I've done recently for
woody are due to X4 integration which I dont' have to work about with 

qt 2.2.2 was just released so that causes a rebuild.  It really all depends.
The core stuff shouldn't get updated that often...especially since once
kde 2.0.1 is out the door I expect to see very little work done on it by
the KDE folks...along the same lines as the amount of work seen on kde 1.1.2
since it's release.  Most of the effort will be focused on KDE 2.1.

but for contrib apps those will continue to be created, updated, etc...

> Regarding obtaining debs from mirrors of your site:  The two mirrors
> listed (at kde.tdyc.com) show mirror updates of weekly & ??.  I'm
> wondering if your updates might come so often that the mirrors are
> likely to not have your updates for several days.

The ?'s are because I have yet to either ask or get the time tables for the
updates.  I just put that page up a couple days ago. :)

My recommendation for mirroring is once a night.  

> Also, On your web site you say:
> "KDE 2.0 is now a part of woody but since woody is considered unstable
> most people out there who have a need for KDE will be using potato. For
> *many* reasons KDE is not a part of potato and will never be."
> I know this depends on _many_ things beyond your control, but if you
> don't mind taking a guess, when do you estimate woody will be released
> as "stable"?

I have no clue whatsoever.  There is alot of things going on on the backend
which may determine a short release cycle compared to a long release cycle.

If you want to go on past timelines you can say next June'sh... :)

> How long do you think it will be from when KDE 2.01 comes out till you
> have the Debian version out?

24-48 hours usually...depending on if I'm around...but remember, I build
from the 2.01 CVS whenever it changes.  the potato build is about 99% up
to date.  I'm waiting to build the next suite until I get the new qt built.

> > KDE 2.0 will not go into potato officially.  There is just too many
> > pre-requisits that cannot be backported.
> I'm a bit confused by this comment.  Does this mean that your KDE 2.0
> for potato will be in some way unavoidably deficient (because the
> prerequisites can't be backported)?  If so, deficient in what manner? 
> What exactly are the problems the prerequisites cause?

no no no...I mean it will not be "official"..ie, found in the official 
Debian potato distribution.  I have backported all of the required packages
to potato and have made them available along with KDE on kde.tdyc.com.

But we (ie.. Debian) cannot backport all of those apps (well, there's not that
manY) just to get KDE into potato.  

> PS:  This mail of yours is very informative.  I suggest you might do
> well to post it (the one you sent, not the one with my comments here) to
> one of the KDE lists so people there are aware of this too.  Perhaps
> even send it to dot.kde.org, or put it on your web site & notify
> dot.kde.org about it.

Once I get all the web stuff up to snuff I'll do so...thanks


Ivan E. Moore II
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