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Re: Debian KDE timetable


> 1)  What is the current status of KDE for Debian? (What packages are
> available?  What is the correct procedure to get & install them?)

I'm working on updating the kde.tdyc.com web site to reflect alot of this,
but I'm also trying to keep up with alot of other things too. :)

Users of the development version of Debian (woody) will find alot of new
KDE based apps are showing up left and right.  

Users of potato will find that I haven't back ported any of them.

I plan on putting a list together of the apps and dropping it on kde.tdyc.com
for all to see...

I'll start backporting once I get past a few more milestones here...

http://kde.tdyc.com/ will give you a list of the mirrors you can use to
get the Potato version of KDE 2.0.

The correct method is and always will be through kde.tdyc.com and it's 
mirrors or through Debian directly.

> 2)  What are your current estimates of times & forthcoming events of
> significance to Debian KDE? (Ex: What are you planning on doing, and
> approximately when?  What should Debian KDE users be looking forward to
> or planning for?  Do you have a need or desire for any assistance in
> your efforts?  (And, if so, what kind of assistance.))

Well... KDE 2.0.1 was scheduled (I believe) for a month after 2.0 was
released...it was mainly directed at translations (i18n) and major bug
fixes.  The versions of KDE 2 that I produce are based on this code pulled
directly from it's CVS tree.  So that when 2.0.1 is official we will be
already using it.  

There are alot of things that could still be done with it all...but my goals
are this:

   1: slow down the changes to the packages...
      - no more breaking packages down...I'm done with this for 2.0
   2: work on policy based changes and integration with Debian as a whole
      - work with other dm developers to handle proper addition of kde
        to other dm's like gdm or wdm (and vice versa)
   3: get all apps functional or remove them
      - kaiman still has some issues, but mostly works
      - kmidi is still hosed (so it will either get fixed soon or will be 

I really want to get KDE 2 (in woody) stable (from a changes standpoint) so
that we can give it a nice long beating before woody is released.

potato users will still have the benefit of me backporting all of this to
potato and making sure a smooth transition from potato to woody from a KDE
standpoint will exist.

KDE 2.0 will not go into potato officially.  There is just too many pre-requisits that cannot be backported.

ummm...for the future beyond 2.0.1...KDE development is going extremly fast
towards 2.1...this is reflected in the -head branch of kde's cvs.  I'm in
the process of migrating all the changes I've made in the past few weeks
to that branch and eventually will probably make them available off of 

Assistance:  well..yes...I need 2 or 3 types of people...notice I say types...

       1: Bug hunters:

            These would be people who would keep track of bug reports between
         Debian and KDE...maybe checking mailing lists to see if there are 
         fixes burried somewhere...The KDE BTS system is really backlogged and
         I dont' think that alot of the Developers keep up with it.  So in
         order to find fixes one must keep up with the mailing lists..which
         I just can't do completely.  

        2: Web page people: 

             These would be responsible for keeping the web page (kde.tdyc.com)
          up to speed.  I'd like to have several things on this page...
               a) a complete list of mirrors
               b) current status
               c) current list of packages available (both potato and woody)
                  with may links to them or something
               d) bug information
               e) maybe a way for people to submit what packages they would
                  like to see packages (kinda like a wnpp that debian has)

    Other than this I just need help fixing stuff that's broken.  I'll have
people ask me to do things differently...I'll do that..but unless you help
me it won't probably happen for a while...so if you see something that should
be changed...tell me that it needs to be changed and als TELL ME HOW.  diff's
work great, or a detailed description of what needs to be done will also work.
If I get this I'll just fix it on the fly while I'm reading the email.  

Also...I want people to use this mailing list.  Don't email me directly unless
it's a personal question.  Let's share our experiences and help each other.

uhh..anything else?


Ivan E. Moore II
GPG Fingerprint=F2FC 69FD 0DA0 4FB8 225E 27B6 7645 8141 90BC E0DD

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