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Re: Debian KDE timetable

"Ivan E. Moore II" wrote:
> Hi

Wow!  Thanks for your very rapid & detailed reply. :-)

> > 1)  What is the current status of KDE for Debian? (What packages are
> > available?  What is the correct procedure to get & install them?)
> I'm working on updating the kde.tdyc.com web site to reflect alot of this,
> but I'm also trying to keep up with alot of other things too. :)


> Users of the development version of Debian (woody) will find alot of new
> KDE based apps are showing up left and right.
> Users of potato will find that I haven't back ported any of them.
> I plan on putting a list together of the apps and dropping it on kde.tdyc.com
> for all to see...
> I'll start backporting once I get past a few more milestones here...

I am new to debian, and don't yet know much about the upcoming debian
version's timetable.  For the present time, I think I just want to stick
with what is as stable as possible, until I become more knowledgeable
about Debian.  I will get the current version from your ftp site.

Is the KDE package for the current stable debian rather bug free? 
(I.e.: Is is in a "useable" condition for day to day work?  I.e., not so
many bugs as to be tiresome to use?)  Or, would you suggest I wait for
the next major release of debian (woody) or KDE (2.01) to use debian KDE
for day to day work?

If you don't mind making a guess, when do you think you might start the
backporting to potato?  Once that occurs, how often should I anticipate
doing an update of KDE onto my system (i.e., how often will updates then
occur of KDE for potato)?

Regarding obtaining debs from mirrors of your site:  The two mirrors
listed (at kde.tdyc.com) show mirror updates of weekly & ??.  I'm
wondering if your updates might come so often that the mirrors are
likely to not have your updates for several days.

Also, On your web site you say:
"KDE 2.0 is now a part of woody but since woody is considered unstable
most people out there who have a need for KDE will be using potato. For
*many* reasons KDE is not a part of potato and will never be."

I know this depends on _many_ things beyond your control, but if you
don't mind taking a guess, when do you estimate woody will be released
as "stable"?

> > 2)  What are your current estimates of times & forthcoming events of
> > significance to Debian KDE? (Ex: What are you planning on doing, and
> > approximately when?  What should Debian KDE users be looking forward to
> > or planning for?  Do you have a need or desire for any assistance in
> > your efforts?  (And, if so, what kind of assistance.))
> Well... KDE 2.0.1 was scheduled (I believe) for a month after 2.0 was
> released...it was mainly directed at translations (i18n) and major bug
> fixes.  The versions of KDE 2 that I produce are based on this code pulled
> directly from it's CVS tree.  So that when 2.0.1 is official we will be
> already using it.

How long do you think it will be from when KDE 2.01 comes out till you
have the Debian version out?

> KDE 2.0 will not go into potato officially.  There is just too many
> pre-requisits that cannot be backported.

I'm a bit confused by this comment.  Does this mean that your KDE 2.0
for potato will be in some way unavoidably deficient (because the
prerequisites can't be backported)?  If so, deficient in what manner? 
What exactly are the problems the prerequisites cause?

> ummm...for the future beyond 2.0.1...KDE development is going extremly fast
> towards 2.1...this is reflected in the -head branch of kde's cvs.  I'm in
> the process of migrating all the changes I've made in the past few weeks
> to that branch and eventually will probably make them available off of
> kde.tdyc.com.
> Assistance:  well..yes...I need 2 or 3 types of people...notice I say types...
>        1: Bug hunters:
>        2: Web page people:

Once I get up & running with it I will see if I can be of assistance
here somehow.
>     Other than this I just need help fixing stuff that's broken.  I'll have
> Also...I want people to use this mailing list.  Don't email me directly unless
> it's a personal question.  Let's share our experiences and help each other.

Thanks for getting this list created.

PS:  This mail of yours is very informative.  I suggest you might do
well to post it (the one you sent, not the one with my comments here) to
one of the KDE lists so people there are aware of this too.  Perhaps
even send it to dot.kde.org, or put it on your web site & notify
dot.kde.org about it.

Thanks again for your tremendous efforts!

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