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my recent builds

I am still continuing my series of private builds using the traditional means
(./configure; make; make install) following KDE_2_0_BRANCH from CVS.  The
point is to help Ivan sort out packaging problems from upstream problems.

I just finished builds on both my Debian and RedHat computers using today's
CVS.  It has actually been two weeks since I built, and there were numerous
changes including a new version of qt-copy (2.2.2).

Here are some "upstream" issues I found.

(1) kaiman caused a crash (the panel disappeared and so did some borders,
but I could get out of it with ctrl-alt-BS).  The next time I started it
from the command line rather than from the multimedia K menu, and everthing
worked fine (including the mp3 playing). In the month or so I have been
playing mp3's with kaiman, I have never encountered this sort of instability
before. So I will keep an eye on this one including more testing of the K

(2) kmid still does not work.  Same error message as for the last month
or so...

Those are the only issues I am aware of in my version of KDE2.

Here are some things that worked.

(1) kmidi works fine if you load sound fonts first.  AFAIK you can only
load sound fonts for the SBLive if you are using the ALSA driver.

(2) help works without any of the problems that others have encountered on
this list. For example, I can launch help without konqueror and konqueror
comes right up with the help centre displayed.

I am actually building KDE2 on two separate computers (it requires 4 hours
on the Athlon 600 and 17 hours on the pentium-133).  Since qt-copy had
changed so radically I didn't try Ivan's Debian patch for it, but I may try
that next week so that I hope to have both a debian build on the Debian
potato system and traditional build on the RedHat system as a direct
comparison for each other.

Ivan, that is a good start to the web site.  If you can give high priority
to writing a cook book of exactly how to build the Debian version, I will
test your instructions.


email: irwin@beluga.phys.uvic.ca
phone: 250-727-2902	FAX: 250-721-7715
Dr. Alan W. Irwin
Department of Physics and Astronomy,
University of Victoria, P.O. Box 3055,
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, V8W 3P6 

Linux-powered astrophysics

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