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Re: Java packages and autopkgtest


On 2020-12-07 18:52, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> On Tue, 8 Dec 2020, Roger Shimizu wrote:
>> do you have any suggestion on such case, the autopkgtest for java or
>> just maven library pkg?
> Sorry but really none. Those packages I’ve seen so far only worked
> because they disabled the tests anyway (mostly because the tests
> would have required tons more dependencies).
> You’ll probably have to get maven to prepare the test resources and
> compile the tests, but to not compile the rest, and to add the in‐
> stalled library instead to the classpath. But this probably involves
> some advanced hackery or writing a Maven extension…

Some time ago I embarked on the primitive hackery of Maven in order to
develop a generic tool to support autopkgtests for Maven [1]. I managed
to hack together a proof-of-concept implementation [2], which actually
worked with some of Maven projects I tried.

My idea was to disable the build of "all", remove the sources, patch the
pom.xml to use system-provided JARs and run 'mvn' as debhelper would do.
However, the more Maven projects I tested, the more complicated the
autopkgtest runner grew, to the point I abandoned it.

However, looking back it seems worth revisiting, and I would be very
happy if someone would pick it up and turn it into something usable in
Debian. At least for very simple Maven packages. Please see [1] for very
valuable comments from Emmanuel Bourg.


Hope this helps,

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